• Eyes Makeup Tips

    Eyes Makeup Tips

    Eyes reflects inner beauty. Beauty can`t be completed without beautiful eyes, so makeup can`t completed without eye makeup. Eyes are the most sensitive part of face, any mishandling of product can lead to severe damage. Similarly any makeup without proper care cannot make eyes look beautiful. Women try a lot to make their eyes look attractive, for that purpose they keep on trying different ways. Here are some of the professional tips that can make your eyes look beautiful, shiny, attractive and yet decent.

    Eyebrows should be in accordance with the shape of your face & eyes

    If you have brown hairs, make eyebrows a bit light brown with pencil

    While applying mascara, open eyes broadly, looking upside & move mascara in circular manner

    When mascara gets dry then apply its second coat and press eye corners with brush

    Use liner smoothly and professionally, it will make your eyes beautiful

    Make thick layer of liner for small eyes

    Use kajal or pencil inside to make eyes look bigger

    Be careful when removing makeup, to avoid contact with eyes

    Use slightly warm water to remove makeup instead of using remover

    Keep on checking more useful tips.

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