• Home Made Complexion mask

    Home Made Complexion mask

    Skin is the most expressive part of your body. We get different skin colors naturally, sometimes age & other factors affect skin color badly.  Improving your skin is something many people everyday want to do. Sometimes they have to see specialists or they try to find over-the-counter products themselves. However they want to do it. Here are given Some Home-made tips to prepare complexion mask and improve your skin color.


    1. Turmeric Powder 1 ounce, dry milk 1tsp, honey 2tsp, lemon juice half;  mix all these, make a paste and apply on face, when it gets dry, wash it off with clean water.
    2. Take equal amount of black and white cumin; add in milk or cream making a paste. Leave it on face for 20 mins. Repeat this twice a week.

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