• How to straighten your hairs with a dryer

    how-to-straight-hairs-using-dryerNever style your hairs in the same way as every day. It makes your hairs weaker and more hair fall. Changing your style is the best way to keep them away from hair fall.

    Here are some tips on how to blow dry your hairs and how to straighten them, with the help of blow dryer only.

    • Wash your hairs
    • Dry with towel completely
    • Put your hairs in front by heading down
    • Turn on blow dryer
    • Start blowing it on hairs in the upside down direction (b/c air pressure put your hairs down and when turn it up they will have lot of volume)
    • 30 seconds are enough to dry them
    • Then comb your hairs in the same direction
    • Now take your blow dryer  in your one hand and comb in other
    • Apply blow dryer again while combing in the same manner

    See how easy is to blow dry your hairs to make them straight, if you have any queries, or you want help with any of beauty related problems, leave your comments.
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