• Manicuring at home

    Manicuring at Home

    Hands are important part of our body. They usually get rough due to sun light and dust and also by working in kitchen etc. Manicuring is a very simplest way to get rid off all the dust particles and make your hands look fresh and young, but it requires time for some one to go out to any saloon to get hand care treatment. Women usually can not manage time for any special care of hands or feet, so they just ignore it. Here we are providing with some easiest tips of manicuring at home that will save your time and you don`t have to go any where for extra treatment.

    Orange Wood Stick                       Cuticle Pusher

    Cuticle Remover                            Nail Filer

    Emery Board                                  Nail Cutter

    Shampoo                                       Cuticle Oil

    Cuticle Cream                               Top Coat OR Sealer

    Base Coat                                       Nail Brush

    Nail Polish Remover                     Hand Lotion


    Clean Old nail polish with the help of cotton, with nail polish remover

    Step 2:

    Shape your nails with the help of nail filer, the edge of filer should be from sides to the base, nail growth happens quickly in this way. Use Emery Board after filer, it make nails slippery and Bright. There are four prominent shapes of nails, Round, Oval, Square and Pointed.


    Apply Cuticle Cream on all nails with the help of Orange Stick. You can also use Petroleum Jelly instead of Cuticle Cream, to make them soft.


    Take a bowl half filled with water, add 3-4 drops of Dettol Soap, a small piece of Shampoo, and then dip your hands in this bowl for 5 mins. Take out hands, Dry with towel and massage slowly.


    Clean all the dust particles with nail brush, and dip hands again in water to clean properly. Push cuticle of nails behind with cuticle pusher


    Dip hands again in shampoo-mixed water again for 5 mins, then rinse with clean water.


    Apply Hand lotion, or any cold cream on hands, massage it slowly for 5-10 mins. You’re manicuring has done.


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