• Tips for Beautiful Hands

    Tips for Beautiful Hands

    Hands are one of the vital parts of human body, you can cover your body but hands are exposed parts. Hands are constantly exposed to heavy loads, whether at work, at hobby or household. The results are mostly dry, cracked and chapped hands. One can keep her hands beautiful by taking some extra care of hands.

    • Wear gloves while working in house or going in harsh weather.
    • Clean your hands with suitable antibacterial soaps..
    • Apply Olive oil and massage for 10-15 mins. It cleans your skin and make it soft.
    • Lemon can be a good exfoliate product. Rub it or apply its juice on your skin.
    • Sugar can hydrate your hands. Take a teaspoon full of sugar in your hands, rub it b/w palms. It can remove dryness and dehydration.
    • Glycerin can also be a good moisturizer. Use it with lemon juice or simple glycerin can also be effective and make your hands beautiful.



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